SOLVED I got unjustly banned

  • Someone on the Agrarian Skies 2 server was saying the server was bad, and I was telling him to not talk about it because it amounts to nothing, whether the server is bad or not. I got banned because of this. Please appeal it if you may.

  • You agreed with this person: when I told him to stop these stupid remarks, you said something like "you say that because he's telling the truth". This is not the first time we have had problems with this player. I warned you before sanctioning you. The other player was banned forever for saying bullshit about the server and looking for trouble with the staff. You were banished one day for continuing to support his words and looking for trouble when you had been warned.

  • I didn't agree with him. He said that the server was laggy while I said that it was pretty good today and that I had no issues. He then went on to say stuff about the hosting people and stuff like that while I said nothing about that stuff. After we were warned, I told him that he should stop, which he didn't. He got banned and I simply said that even if it is the truth, it won't get anyone anywhere. Don't see how that constitutes a ban for me, a mute is more reasonable imo. For the other guy, if it wasn't the first time, then that's understandable.

  • Ok, I give you the benefit of the doubt, I cancel your sanction admitting that I misinterpret your words.

  • @gikura Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience that I caused you or anyone.

  • np, i'm sorry if you was really unjustly banned ^^

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