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    Temp 1 jours / temp 1 day


    Utilisation de trop cable ender io et ne veux pas en supprimer
    Using too much cable ender io and do not want to delete it


  • Reo told me that i could only have 16 conduits, which is not a rule posted anywhere. Also he has the laggiest base on the server according to sexy killer. How can he ban me for using conduits when there is no stated restriction, just one that he made up with no reference

    Reo m'a dit que je ne pouvais avoir que 16 conduits, ce qui n'est pas une règle affichée nulle part. En outre, il a la base la plus lente sur le serveur selon sexy tueur. Comment peut-il m'interdire d'utiliser des conduits quand il n'y a pas de restriction déclarée, juste un qu'il a inventé sans référence

    see this
    n°5 Conduit Ender IO limiter leur utilisation
    Conduct Ender IO limit their use

  • it just says limit their use, you said i could use 16. There is no actual numerical number. Banning me is not fair at all and you know it. You pick on me for some reason, attacking me even when other mods and admins do not intervene. Your definition of limit isn't what the restriction refers to.

    il dit juste limiter leur utilisation, vous avez dit que je pourrais utiliser 16. Il n'y a pas de numéro numérique réel. Me bannir n'est pas juste du tout et tu le sais. Tu me reprends pour une raison quelconque, m'attaquant même quand d'autres mods et admins n'interviennent pas. Votre définition de limite n'est pas ce à quoi la restriction fait référence.

  • When I said there was no rule posted instead of referring me here he banned me

    Quand j'ai dit qu'il n'y avait pas de règle au lieu de me renvoyer ici, il m'a banni

  • I say 16 as an example after I ban you because I try to make you understand that you have to withdraw you did not want to think during this day

  • You said I could only have 16, and when I said there was no rule that restricted them you banned me instead of linking me to the website. You are just power hungry, not actually focused on doing a good job.

    Vous avez dit que je ne pouvais en avoir que 16, et quand j'ai dit qu'il n'y avait pas de règle qui les restreignait, vous m'avez interdit au lieu de me lier au site. Vous êtes juste affamé de pouvoir, pas vraiment concentré sur faire du bon travail.

  • I also asked multiple times where the rule was, and you ignored me

    J'ai également demandé plusieurs fois où la règle était, et vous m'a ignoré

  • You said it was not in the rules (proof that you have not read) I can not talk to you and at the same time look for this link I can deban you if you change your cable

  • I read the rules in the server and in the main one, it shouldn't be required to search through the forum to find the restricted item list

    J'ai lu les règles dans le serveur et dans le principal, il ne devrait pas être nécessaire de rechercher à travers le forum pour trouver la liste des éléments restreints

  • Rules

    ⚙️ - Specific regulations on Minecraft

    It is de fact that our servers are public, so we must share server resources. Actually you are not on a solo map .

    The restrictions are as follows ...

    Only one quarry per person in the world mining (allowed only in the world mining).
    The buildcraft pipes are to be used in a limited quantity (use apiary, grinder)
    No falling spawner tolerating (falling entity), 3 spawners active at the same time by base having a system of extinction when the player is not there.
    Moving mobs via fan, conveyer belt or any other system of the same type.
    Micro-blocks are limited in your base.
    Any anti-afk systems of any form is forbidden.
    Spawners or any type of machine / system creating entities must not allow their accumulation.

    Several tutorials and optimization are available here . Some serve as a reference, for example for the automation of spawners .

    Following several problems on the server related to conflicts between players of the same base, we decided the following thing:

    If a person leaves the base without warning, taking all the machines with him, this will be considered
    theft, and sanctions will be applied.
    If the players can not agree we will decide that they will have to do 50/50 with the resources involved.
    If ever the situation degenerates we will delete the base entirely and the players will have to start from 0 again.
    For these situations the decision remains at the discretion of the Staff.

    Additional rules are provided in the / rules of each server.

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