[Tempban] Pizzapityu2003

  • Serveur :


    Type :

    Ban temporaire

    Durée :

    7 jours

    Motif :

    Grief/minage dans l'overworld

    Victimes :

    _TaoCraft_ et hirad82t, voir d'autre personnes

    Preuves du grief:


    Suspicion d'autres grief :


    Preuves du minage dans l'overworld :


  • @nono16501 I am so sorry.
    I thought that only quarries are banned from the overworld. I thought that i can use turtles in overworld.
    I am really sorry. From my point of view the 7 day ban is too much, please unban me and a i refill the holes made by my turtles with stone and dirt. And i will never use the mining turtles in the overworld again.
    And i stop the tesseract, i didn't know how it work i thought that i made the frequency...
    But the SAG Mill and the upgrade modifier was made by my friend Phantom6121.
    I am really sorry i am a beginner i this modpack and i have see videos on youtube and i tried them, but in the future i ask the other on the server for help to not steal from others.
    I didn't want to steal from other players.
    I look forward to receive your reply.

  • Ok but explain me why you have 3 ME Drive and a security station while you don't have a system applied ?

    Why 2 energetics infuser ?

    Why a sun dial wile you don't have a essentials for craft this.

    And above all your resonant energy cell.

    I look all your base but I didn't see a essentials for craft all of this item because you are in beginning game.

  • I don't have enough power to apply ME and i didn't finished with the controller and the terminal.
    The energetics infuser was made by phantom6121 to charge the pickaxe of wyvern. The pickaxe of wyvern was made by phantom6121 from the vote rewards and this is in my inventory and he can't use it becuase you banned me.
    I get the sundial from my enderchest because i thought that i didn't need to change the colorings, because i thought that it works as the enderchest in the vanilla minecraft. But now i looked forward to it and now i know that it wasn't a gift from the server.
    But can we talk about it on a teamspeak server, it is ways more easier. Can you tell me a server ip in privatemessage or i can tell you one.
    If you think it can be corrupt we can discuss it there, but i guess that the teamspeak is much more faster and easier.

  • You was unban.

  • Thank you so much.

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