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    Les serveurs infinity sont actuellement en version 2.6


    Infinity Evolved 2.6.0

    Mods Updated:

    AOBD (2.9.1 -> 2.9.2)
    Dropped RotaryCraft support.

    AE2 (rv3-beta-5 -> rv3-beta-6)
    Updated pt_BR translation to match latest en_US.

    Bibliocraft (1.11.4 -> 1.11.5)
    Fixed a duplication bug with the fancy workbench.
    Fixed a warning in the loading log about a crafting recipe not being correctly registered.

    Binnie Patcher (1.6 -> 1.8)
    Bugfixes and optimizations in v1.7, 1.8 is not on Curse yet.

    Buildcraft Compat (7.1.3 -> 7.1.5)
    Fix Forestry plant handling not working in newer BuildCraft versions
    Fix potential crash in Propolis pipes
    Added Magical Crops support

    Carpenter's Blocks (3.3.7 -> 3.3.8)
    Added rotation support to slab, lever, button, ladder, daylight sensor, pressure plate and torch.
    Fixed many rendering bugs and crashes.
    Corrected player interaction events to better support MyTown2, others.
    Fixed invalid slope rotations causing unrecoverable crashes. Now resets abnormal slopes automatically.
    Refactored garage door connection code to prevent recursion crashes. Added new multiblock size limit to configuration file. (Default: 500)
    Will now attempt to recover missing attributes if a mod goes missing or changes Ids.

    CoFH Core (3.1.2-325 -> 3.1.3-327)
    Fix evaporating water cascading and causing stack overflows
    Fix child mods not being able to depend on APIs as well as mods
    Includes new CoFHLib

    CoFHLib (1.1.1-181 -> 1.1.2-182)

    Decocraft (2.2.1 -> 2.3.3)
    [2.3.0] Added new models, and patron dolls.
    [2.3.2] Fixed a crash with the inventories and some minor model derps.
    [2.3.3] Added some new models 😄

    Draconic Evolution (1.0.2a ->1.0.2h)
    Reduced potential FPS hit from the HUD.
    Damage that bypasses armor now deals double damage and increased entropy to the shield.
    Fake players should now be able to mine draconium ore, infused obsidian and both draconium blocks.
    Added config option to disable flight.
    Fixed not being able to close the flow gate gui's by pressing the inventory key.
    Fixed inability to pick up arrows fired by the bows.
    Fixed conflict with the travellers gloves from Tinkers Construct (And other mods that do something similar)
    Fixed broken shield texture
    Fixed shovels unable to harvest some blocks in AOE mode (Any block that requires a shovel but can not be harvested by hand)
    Fixed Item Dislocator range issues. Also added config blacklist for it. (Crystal seeds from AE2 disabled by default)
    Fixed armor still draining power when another mod cancels a damage event.
    Fixed draconic armor flight speed boost not being removed when the armor is removed.
    Fixed flight sometimes not being disabled when draconic chestplate is removed.
    Fixed issue which makes it impossible to charge new bows after crafting.
    Fixed config option to disable arrow explosion damage.
    Many more bugfixes...

    EnderCore ( ->

    EnderIO ( ->
    Farming Station now checks if chunk is loaded.
    New config: Prevent magnet from being used as battery. (on by default)
    New config: Configure energy usage of the telepad, and max storage.
    Handles Baubles inventory more carefully in MP.
    Fix for inventory panel creating 'phantom items'
    Many bugfixes

    ExtraCells (2.3.9b188 -> 2.3.14b197)
    Add Universal Terminal module: Crafting Terminal
    New setting: Enable AE2 Wireless Crafting Terminal Integration.

    ExtraTiC (1.4.5 -> 1.4.6)
    Adds Immersive Engineering support - Constantan
    Fixes Ore Dictionary registration.
    Fixes crafting of Thermal Foundation's Lumium.
    Balances Thermal Foundation Materials. [ Personal note: new Constantan is kind of broken for balancing this :^) ]
    Other bugfixes.

    Forbidden Magic (0.574 -> 0.575)
    Bugfix: Shovel of the Purifier and Pickaxe of Distortion infusion recipes no longer conflict with vanilla TC recipes when certain mods are present.
    Korean translation added.

    Forestry ( ->
    Add mead, which can be distilled from short mead
    Add IC2 industrial fertilizer as farming fertilizer
    Add trades with villagers for wild hive drones
    Basic MFR plugin, allow farm to plant/cut rubber trees
    Fix issues with Farm and Buildcraft Triggers
    Fix Fabricator glass recipes 4000mb->4 blocks
    Prevent NPE from Pam's Harvestcraft with Agricraft
    Minor bugfix for witchery sapling fermentation values
    Fix resource block checks for the Alveary
    Fix Crash when trying to pick up wheat from Moistener process slot
    Fix Alveary in the Nether does not having Hellish temperature

    FTBLib ( ->
    Fixed Sync issues between client and server.
    Fixed lag on login
    FTB Tweaks (1.0.1 -> 1.0.2)
    Fixed scripts not loading on startup
    FTB Utilities ( ->
    New Guide, Server Info
    New FriendsGUI
    Player server settings moved to FriendsGUI
    Added /admin server_info
    Added config.chunkloading
    MOTD now supports IChatComponent formatting

    IC2NuclearControl (2.3.4a -> 2.4.1a)
    Added the Vanilla Machine Card, the Inventory Tracking Card and the Vanilla Kit.
    Added Taiwanese Chinese and Hong Kong Chinese (zh-hk and zh-tw).
    Added British English (en-GB).
    Added dev and api jars.
    Fixed some network issues with GUIs and machines.
    Possibly fixed a crash that occurs with mods that add capes.
    Fixes RF storage issues with Mekanism.
    Modified capitalization of some words.
    Updated Pirates' Talk (en-PT).
    Adds a crafting recipe for the Vanilla Kit.
    Adds further support for Big Reactors.
    Fixes reactor timing.
    Fixes some issues related to capes, and allows them to be configured.
    Recipes type now can be set as "gregtech"

    ImmersiveEngineering (0.7.5 -> 0.7.7)
    Changed items to allow despawning on conveyors, if they are colliding with an inventory they can't enter. Should make accidental lag machines less of a thing.
    Fixed bugs in the revolver container.
    Fixed villager houses generating in BOP biomes.
    Fixed exploit in Blast Furnace.
    Fixed Arc Furnace ignoring input stacksizes in certain cases.
    Fixed a crash on the achievement screen.
    Fixed skyhook glitching people into blocks.
    Fixed mobs spawning on conveyor belts.
    Fixed assembler outputting stuff that should have stayed inside.
    Fixed a lighting bug with Fastcraft.
    Fixed the lightning rod not connecting on north+south sides.
    IndustrialCraft 2 (2.2.819 -> 2.2.823)

    JABBA (1.2.1a -> 1.2.2)

    JourneyMap (5.1.4 -> 5.1.4p1)
    Critical Bugfix: (#6) AutoMap didn't use correct biome coloration in chunks not already in memory
    Critical Bugfix: (#10) Log spam for unregistered blocks ("Can't find UID for block...")
    Bugfix: (#56) Waypoint Manager's sort-by-name should ignore case
    Logistics Pipes ( ->
    Tons of fixes, and some rendering improvements.

    Mystcraft ( ->
    Attempts to prevent loops when a mod requests the save's terrain type.
    Symbols for Mead and Molten Constantan are enabled by default.

    NEI ( ->
    Not Enough Resources (0.1.0-121 -> 0.1.0-122)
    Should fix issues related to Forestry

    Railcraft ( ->
    Added Redstone Flux Cart + Loaders.
    Fancy tooltips for the Signal blocks/boxes.
    Added some new Admin commands for killing entities/carts.
    You can now label Block Signals in addition to Boxes.
    Hobbyist Engine should move empty buckets to the fluid output slot.
    Added Perpetuum Locomotive, a Creative only Locomotive that doesn't require fuel of any kind. (contribution by Forecaster)
    Rebalance Enchantment weights.
    The RF Unloader should now push RF to surrounding blocks instead of hoarding it for itself.
    Other bugfixes.

    Runic Dungeons (1.1.6a -> 1.1.7b)
    Added Configurable chance for Wither Skeletons to spawn in the dungeon instead of normal boring Skeletons (15% by default)
    Added Alternate 16x texture for Spike Traps - No need to be driven mad any longer!
    Added Spike Traps to custom texture Config
    Added Configuration options for enabling/disabling the initial and room dungeon Keys.
    Added Configuration options for the Magic Resistance enchantment
    Added Configuration options for the Spike Trap alternate texture (disabled by default)
    Removed that darn Ring O' Experience that was causing issues. (Don't worry, it's in a separate mod now if you REALLY want it)
    Removed unecessary warnings being given for unecessary reasons.
    Removed Corridors and Hallways and Intersections. Oh My!
    Removed unused achievements.
    Fixed Spike Traps being being broken by smacking them in the face too hard
    Fixed Crash with conflicting Enchantment IDs
    Many other fixes, including block duplication bugs, and keys not being removed after opening doors, amongst others.

    Storage Drawers (1.9.7 -> 1.10.1)
    Fixed generic recipes sometimes taking precedence over wood-specific recipes
    Taking items from drawers will make sound again.
    Fixed item dupe bug with Applied Energistics 2.
    Creative upgrades can only be removed from drawers by creative players.
    Creative upgrades no longer drop when a drawer is broken.
    Added framed trim.
    Fixed redstone strong power neighbor updates.
    Reduce amount of block re-rendering when inserting or removing items

    Thaumic Energistics ( ->
    Wand move targets for shift+click changed to favor player inventory over ME storage.
    Added mod identification to aspects in the Essentia Crafting Terminal.
    Craftable essentia no longer shows in item terminals.
    Level emitter texture & brightness updated.
    Microblock compatibility added.
    Arcane Assembler no longer eats primordial pearls, and supports recipes with the pearl.
    C.T. crafting result slot can no longer dupe items.
    Essentia terminal no longer overlayed by NEI at certain aspect ratios.
    Only AE2 items have aspects applied, fixed dupe issue.
    Fixed potential memory leak on networks with essentia monitor listeners.

    Thermal Dynamics (1.1.0-161 -> 1.2.0-171)
    No changelog given.
    New config option for a "Thaumcraft Plugin" (on by default)
    New config option: "CrossoverChargeTime". Must be between 0 and 120 ticks (120 by default)

    Thermal Expansion (4.1.2-240 -> 4.1.3-246)
    Caches now display a lock symbol when locked
    Added more lamp styles
    Recycling recipes for a variety of items such as armor, bricks, and tools
    Tanks now have multi-tier upgrade recipes
    Default to the software tesseract shader
    Caches, Strongboxes, and Tanks now stack when empty
    Caches now default to extracting 1 item at a time, and 64 items when shifting (making a louder sound)
    No more infinite sawdust can be obtained from swords
    Schematic tab is now on the left instead of the right
    New pulverizing recipes:
    1 Glass Bottle -> 1 Sand Block
    Iron/Golden Horse Armor -> 5 Iron/Gold Dust
    Diamond Horse Armor -> 5 Diamonds
    Redstone Lamp -> 4 Glowstone Dust and 1 Redstone

    Thermal Foundation (1.2.3-112 -> 1.2.5-115)
    Added vanilla versions of bows/sickles/fishing rods/shears where not already present.
    Translocators ( ->
    Added a config option to disable the on block crafting grid.
    Assorted bugfixes.

    Wawla (1.3.3 ->
    Updated to new version system. major.minor.revision.patch
    Fixed bug with console sometimes spamming when used with other mods.
    Added support for more villager professions. RFTools, Forbidden, Agricraft
    Fixed NBT syncing from all tiles. Should have drastic improvement on lag and stability.
    Several of microoptomizations in the code that will help the mod run faster on earlier versions of Java

    Expert Mode Changes:

    Fixed the recipes for Endoflames and the Mana Pool in the guide, now they're updated to the current Botania version.

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