What is it used for ? Our launcher is a collection of modpacks that we host on the MineAurion server. It allows to have the possibility to choose a modpack according to your desire and then to connect to the desired server. The version of the modpacks available via the launcher is always the same as that of the servers, which allows you to connect to it regardless of the official updates of the modpacks. Where can I found it ? Here Launch a Modpack Once launcher launched you arrive on the following homepage: Before launching a modpack I advise you to configure the RAM allocated to the launcher. Once the memory is configured you just have to choose the desired modpack, click on launch and register in the corresponding locations your Mojang ID like the classic launcher. Java Configuration Check in the Java options. Below an example configuration. I put 4GB (4096mb) of maximum RAM. Having for my part 16GB of maximum memory on my computer. For all modpacks 1.7+ I advise you to put 3go minimum.