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  • Annonces concernant l'ensemble des services Mineaurion.

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    Résultats Top Voteur :

    Pseudo Total de votes @KennyBoys 133 @Hughlander 100 @Elboulanger21 91

    Les récompenses sont les suivantes :

    1er : 5000 aurions in-game et un prefixe Top Voteur (Equivalent Donateur) d'une durée de un mois 2e : 3000 aurions in-game 3e : 2000 aurions in-game

    Les membres du staff ne sont pas pris en compte dans le classement.

    Contactez-nous en cas de soucis avec vos récompenses.

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    Bonjour à tous,

    Depuis quelques temps, le serveur Ragnamod V connait quelques baisses de performance, en raison entre autres de la taille de la map et du nombre de bases qui y sont.

    C'est pour cela que nous allons passer un coup de balai afin de rétablir le niveau de qualité que nous visons pour nos serveurs. La map de l'Overworld (map principale où sont situées les IS de tous les joueurs) va donc être regen le samedi 27 Février 2021.

    Pour tout ceux qui y jouent, rassurez vous, il vous suffit de nous donner les coordonnées de vos iles en réponse à ce poste afin que nous puissions la transférer sur la nouvelle map. Ainsi, vous pourrez continuer de jouer comme avant, mais avec une meilleure stabilité du serveur et une fluidité elle aussi au dessus de ce qu'elle est en ce moment.

    La récupération des iles sera possible durant un mois, le 21 Mars 2021 la sauvegarde de la map actuelle sera supprimée, pensez donc a vous manifester rapidement. D'autre part, nous ne pouvons pas donner d'estimation de temps pour la durée du regen, cela dépendra du nombre de bases à copier et des problèmes éventuels que nous rencontrerons durant le regen.

    Si vous avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à nous en faire par ici-même ou sur Discord, le staff se fera un plaisir d'y répondre.

    Bon jeu à vous et à bientôt IG

  • Règlement Complet de Mineaurion

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    📘 - General Regulation

    All of the items listed below are considered to be read and accepted by all users of the Mineaurion platforms. When connecting to one of the server's platforms, any violation of the rules will be severely reprimanded. Should the Mineaurion Administration wish to amend this by-law for any reason, it has the full right to do so.

    A sanction is intended to enforce the rule based on the errors and history of the offending player Any sanction applied may be explained and justified by a member of the moderation if the guilty player so wishes, because it is implemented impartially and respectfully towards the player.

    All users of our platforms are equal, regardless of their rank They have the same rights under these Regulations and that is why you are asked to respect each other. Respect for others is fundamental to the enjoyment of our services.
    If you encounter problems with the moderation or any of its constituent members, please refer to the persons in charge, if it is not possible to solve it otherwise. The server team is made up of volunteers and they have a lot to do, please take this into account.

    📣 - Banned advertising

    Advertising for your personal interest, such as a YouTube Channel, Dailymotion, Twitch or any server is prohibited. Advertising by private message or on the server chat will result in the player being muted by a member of the staff, unless he/she has Youtubeur/Streamers rank. It is therefore the same on the forum no advertising is allowed.
    If you would like to promote something via our media, please send a request to an admin through the forum.

    💬 - Free communication, without abuse

    There are many ways for players to communicate with each other in order to offer them an optimal gaming experience on our servers. Messages must be written in an understandable way while respecting the language of the platform (avoid sms language as much as possible).
    It goes without saying that it is strictly forbidden to write messages of a sexual, discriminatory, violent, xenophobic, hateful, hateful, rude, offensive, racist or homophobic nature. The same is true for pseudo forum/Minecraft/discord and skins/image used or posted on all our platforms. We will ask you to refrain from making public any political debate or conflict, otherwise you will be punished. And therefore, it seems essential to carry out a reminder of respect for others here.

    Spam, flooding and abusive capital letters are prohibited.
    All types of spam are blocked automatically but it is still forbidden to post a series of meaningless and useless messages, which only has the effect of annoying other players. Messages that contain too many uppercase letters that even make the chat unreadable are considered spam

    Youtuber/Streamers/Partners and team members must be respected in the same way as others.
    You will surely meet more than one of them on the Mineaurion platforms, apart from their popularity on YouTube or via streams, these players also have the right to play comfortably on our servers. Giving them a normal gaming experience will satisfy you just as much as they do because they can deliver quality content in their videos or streams.
    Likewise for the staff members, they do their best to allow you to have a good time on the server and enjoy relaxing while playing (these players are volunteers, not professionals either).
    Each member is solely responsible for the content they publish, Mineaurion cannot be held responsible for it. Moderators are recruited to monitor activity on server networks.

    👔 - Team of Moderation/Administration

    To impersonate a member of the team of moderation or all other member of team of Mineaurion is prohibit. Steal an identity by Nickname, avatar, signature or behave like a member of staff It is strongly forbidden and can be severely punished.
    He is easy to identify a staff member on the server! They have a rank on the forum next to their nickname and a prefix in front of their nickname on the server that is here:

    ◦ when you have a question who affected a mod, it is the [Guide] then you must pose it.
    ◦ The moderators who watch the good working of the servers and the respect of the rules, he has a prefix [Moderateur] in front of their nickname.
    ◦ The administrative team of Mineaurion are the people who manage the servers. The have a prefix [Operateur].
    ◦ The administrators/managers have for them [Manager] or [Aministrateur] in front of their nickname.
    In case of punishment contact only the person who to apply the punishment via discord in the channel #support or on the forum inThe category provided to this effect.

    📝 - Rules of the Forum

    It is strictly FORBIDDEN ...
    ◦ To abuse of SMS language, and advise to be careful to is spelling. Do not hesitate to edit your messages in case of error, click on the three small points:
    ◦ To post messages that have for only goal to "flood" or "troll". The messages not constructive will be considered as of spam. A space is at your disposition for this.
    ◦ To make doubles post/up with interval less than 24 hours. Use the function "Edit".
    ◦ to create new subjects for a discussion already close. If you want add a complement at the discussion, Talk to a moderator.
    All elements considered as harmful, may be the subject of a punishment. All behaviour maybe sanctioned, if the moderation the think it is necessary.
    The forum included many rules annexes in some sections, read them before posting a discussion.
    The avatars, signatures, nicknames and description are submitted to the same rules presented in this topic.
    The nickname used on the forum must be your minecraft nickname.

    🎧 - Discord rules

    You must have the same nickname in game, on Discord and the forum. So that way our team will not struggle finding you nickname if needed.

    It is strictly forbidden ...
    ◦ to advertise under any circumstance.
    ◦ to steal the identity of anyone and using prefix between square brackets as well.
    ◦ to insult (under any form, such as: racism, xenophobia, homophobia...).
    ◦ to spam uselessly mentions or talks. That is what #flood channel is made for.
    ◦ to switch between channels in an abusive way.
    ◦ to keep saying nonsense in public channels.
    ◦ You must respect the use of music bots, few are available.
    → Spam staff members, whether it is via mentions or through PM is not allowed. They are not bots but humans like you. Let them time to answer, then can busy at the time.
    If noone ever reply, wait a bit before sending a second request. You can also send to another staff member.

    🎮 - Minecraft general server rules

    It is strictly forbidden ...
    ◦ to grief, borrow without authorisation or steal goods that are not yours.
    ◦ to use banned items in any way.
    ◦ to exploit glitches either linked to plugins, mods or server currency in-game.
    ◦ to do PVP except when both (or more) of the players agree. It includes trap systems and machines that allow it.
    ◦ to build you base out of the overworld.
    ◦ to step into a player's non-authorized or privatised zone.
    ◦ Only passive anchors or plugins are allowed to load your base.
    ◦ All client modifications which the goal is to gain a benefit compared to any other member.
    ◦ Create an economic system or even a parallel shop on our servers.

    Trade is however allowed.

    Mine on the edges of a quarry still in place is considered as theft.

    A claim system is available on all our servers. It is the player's responsibility to use it properly.

    Systems provoking all kinds of lags (slowing machine, fps loss...) are most likely to be removed of a player's base with or without warning. Same for oversized or non-optimised bases.
    You can ask the staff team to check whether or not your base is producing lags. You can also see yourself being proposed an alternative to optimise it.

    Not a single refund will be done, except in specific cases (victim of a grief in your claim zone). The team will choose whether or not you should get a refund.

    Abusive donations toward a player in any way (energy or items), or anything that allows an easier experience is against our way of playing. This is why it also is forbidden.

    ⚙️ - Specific rules in Minecraft

    He is of fact that our servers are publics, he must therefore be share the servers resources. effectively you are not on a single player map.

    The restrictions are therefore as the next ...

    ◦ only once quarry per person in the world mining (Authorized only in the mining world).
    ◦ The buildcraft pipes are to be used in a limited quantity (use for apiary, grinder)
    ◦ No falling spawner has tolerate(falling entity). **three spawners active at the same time per base ** with an extinction system when the player is not connected.
    ◦ The moving of mobs via fan,conveyer belt or any other system of the same type.
    ◦ The micro-blocks are to limit or avoid in your base.

    The spawners or all type of machine/system creating entities should not allow their accumulation.

    Many tutorials and optimization are at your disposition Here. Some was use as a reference; for example,The automation of spawners.

    After many problems in the server bound to conflicts between players of the same base, we have decided the next thing:

    ◦ If a person leaves the base without warning, taking all the machines with him, this will be considered as a steal, and sanctions will be applied.
    ◦ If the player cannot agree, we will then make half with the resources concerned.
    ◦ if never the situation degenerate we will delete the base entirely and the players will have to start again from the beginning.
    For this situation, the decision remains at the staff assessment.

    The Additional rules are provided in the "/rules" of each server.

    🛒 - Purchases and selling

    The shop of the server makes it possible to obtain different ranks, cosmetics or money. The purchase of these items can lead to the obtaining of new machines having as goal to improve the quality of our services, but this is by no means mandatory.

    No purchase will be refunded whether via the site or in-game. Purchases are considered as definitive and the purchaser is responsible of its error in the present case. Purchases in-game will be refunded in case of bug originating from the server. The procedure consists of contacting a member of staff in red via @Staff++ in the channel #support of discord or directly in-game. Its possible to contact us via In case of data loss, it is therefore the responsibility of the player to take the necessary steps.

    Minors haves to get the authorisation of their legal tutor. Mineaurion is not responsible of the acts committed by the minors without the authorisation of their legal tutor.

    No resale originating from the Mineaurion's shop is authorized. It's possible to make a gift for your friends, or to make troc but no resale will be tolerated.

    📒 - Important links

    Here is a list of links that might also interest you :
    » List of items banned in 1.7 and 1.10 :
    »To post a complaint :
    »To make a suggestion for improving the server :

    Bypassing the official rules with imply (etc.) is strictly forbidden.

    Oversized systems are all systems designed to create lag or slow down the server (Server's Rules paragraph), generate more resource which you need, etc...

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